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Incumbency - Vacant

Church Bookings
To use the church for concerts, exhibitions etc please contact 

Church House Bookings
Leila Araiza

Prof Janet Marx 
5 All Saints' Road 
Tel. 01865 308 722

Mr James Larminie 
81 Old Road
Tel. 01865 769054

Licensed Lay Ministers
Ms R Christine Tucker  
Tel. 01235 229065
Mr James Larminie 
contact details above

Data Protection Officer
Mr David Hodgkinson 

Safeguarding Officer
Mr David Hodgkinson  

Hon. Secretary P.C.C.
Miss Valerie Boulter 

Music organiser
Dr Vivienne Larminie

Dr J. A. Littlewood M.A., M.Mus., Ph.D., A.R.C.O.
Tel. 07867 432 313

Social Committee
Carol Glasson & Susan Newey

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Updated 11 January 2021