Updated 20 March 2021

With the reductions in Covid-19 cases, and the high proportion of our worshippers who have been vaccinated, the churchwardens are happy that we can now begin planning to re-open the church again.  The PCC supported this move at their meeting on Tuesday 16 February.

This is NOT a return to normal life.  All the social distancing and hygiene rules that applied at services all through the autumn will still apply.  Still no congregational singing we regret to say. We have revised our Risk Assessment in light of the direction from the Prime Minister and you can read a copy of it here

The good news is that from Sunday 7th March onwards we are re-starting our 10am Worship and Communion Service, social distancing and hand hygiene rules still apply.  There will be music from the organ and solo singing at various times during the service.  It will be a great joy to worship together again, and to at least see each other in person.  However, you should only attend if you feel safe to do so

We continue to organise Compline via Zoom at 8:30pm each Sunday evening, so this will still be an option for you. Details are in the Church Calendar.

With best wishes from your churchwardens, James Larminie & Janet Marx.

Church at Home with the Diocese of Oxford

posted 20 Mar 2021, 09:04 by R. Christine Tucker   [ updated 20 Mar 2021, 09:04 ]

The Diocese continues to offer services online through its livestreaming Diocese at Home link, and information about other churches who are also livestreaming. 

Services are also offered online from Christ Church Cathedral in Oxford and you can find more information about those here: Oxford's Cathedral Online Worship

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