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Annual Christmas Bazaar

All Saints' Christmas Bazaar in aid of The Children's Society will be held in Church House, New High Street, Headington on Saturday 23rd November 2019 from 11am to 1pm. 

If you can help in any way please see Valerie Boulter. We are looking for homemade jam and marmalade for the produce stall, and contributions for the craft products are always welcomed. Please collect together any books you can donate. Every little helps, so let’s make it a good year for The Children’s Society. 

The Children’s Society helps children and young people in this country who are suffering from hardship, abuse and neglect; too often their problems are being ignored and their voices aren’t being heard.

The Children’s Society listens and helps, running services for thousands of children and young people who desperately need support. The Society particularly helps care leavers, children who have to look after parents and other family members, refugees and migrants, those suffering from sexual abuse and exploitation, and those at risk of running away or falling victim to substance misuse. 

Last year the Children’s Society helped over 15,000 children and youths. The Society and its volunteer supporters also campaign to make sure that laws are changed to make children’s lives better.
Updated 12 September 2019